Gamefowl Rentals and Financed Derby Conditions


 1. Gamefowl Rent - Stags(below 1yr old) ₱2,500.00/head,  Bullstags(below 2yrs old) ₱3,000.00/head, Young Cock(below 3yrs old) 3,500.00/head, Aged Cock(below 4yrs old) ₱4,500.00.

  2. Conditioning Expense- 500.00 per head (to be paid onset).

  3. Breeder's Prize - 2,000.00/win.

  4. Prize Winnings - Breeder 40%, Financier 40%, Handler 20%.

  5. Entry Name - HAJMA or attached to the Financier's Entry Name.

  6. Owners Name - Financier's Choice.

  7. Breeders Name - MAJ Farms or MAJ Custom Breeders.

  8. Entry Fee, Transportation and Accommodations of Handlers and Gamefowls - Financier's Account.

  9. Gamefowls - goes back to the breeder after the Derby.

10. Trophies and similar awards - goes to the Breeder.

11. Handler's Prize-500.00/win- Financier's Account.

12. Gaffer's Fee-₱1,000.00/win - Financier's Account.

Arrangements should be made one(1) month before the derby.