MAJ CUSTOM BREEDERS, a member of Cagayan Valley Gamefowl Breeders Association, affiliated with NFGB and Association of Gamefowl Breeders of Cagayan, affiliated with PFGB, design and breed their battle fowls most importantly to be smart and brainy. Their fowls have the characteristic to be patient, to wait or create opportunities to strike, and are shifty as they weave and wave to avoid the blows of their foes and create openings to deliver their punches. They have the ability to cut well, possess speed and power and can deliver multiple punches every time an opportunity is presented or created. They are proven to be very game and fight hard to the last breath. They may not be unbeatable but they are definitely hard to beat.


Home of Smart Fighters!



MAJ Farms owned by MAJ Custom Breeders are located in the coastal town of Sanchez Mira, Cagayan, the third town of Cagayan Province from Ilocos Norte. It is six hundred thirty six (636) kilometers from Manila either through Cagayan Valley Road or Ilocos Highway by land; forty five (45) minutes by plane through Laoag or Tuguegarao Airports with another two and a half hour land travel.

The MAJ Winged Fighters are LINE BRED brood fowls we acquired from trusted breeders. From these, we produce brood fowls that can throw certain desired characteristics to their off-springs. These breeder lines are being line bred and inbred to maintain their genetic state when they were acquired. 

Out of these brood fowls, we created our own strains, the HERMICH Lines. These are our improvements on the various bloodlines which we made by getting the best traits from the strains that we acquired. Their genes were just lightly altered with some sprinkling of blood from other lines to improve their fighting style. We now have our own LEMON, KELSO, ROUNDHEAD, SWEATER, HATCHES and GRAYS. They are all designed to be smart and shifty, with power, speed and good cutting ability. However, they still typically look and basically fight like the fowls of their line. They were produced as crosses out of the strains but were linebred to become a distinct strain.

We also breed battle crosses, the MAJ Pit Fighters. These battlefowls perform well even when pitted against the best. This had been proven by reaching the finals in all of the NFGB derbies we participated in. These battle crosses conform to certain standards such as size, station, power, speed, cutting and fighting style and are pit tested as stags, bull stags and cocks before they are mass produced or offered for custom breeding.

We developed and breed the whites, blacks and golds which we call the HAJMA Lines. They are smart and shifty, they wait, break, weave & wave, strike and cut well everytime they are able to create an opportunity or an opportunity presents itself. They are fast, smart and accurate cutters! The whites had been with us for the past twelve years and had won more than eighty percent of their fights. The blacks are now on their fourth breeding season and they are proving to be as good as the whites and they pack more power!  The Golds had proven their worth. As bullstags, they were fought against three year-old cocks of bigtime cockers and came out victorious. Of the twenty heads that we fought, we collected 22 wins 1 loss and 1 draw. We have other off-colored fowls such as Blues, Doms and Hennies. These off-colored fowls are now being developed and improved along the same line as the other HAJMA Fowls. These fowls had been bred to conform to a certain design and had been genetically locked through recurrent selective reciprocal breeding.

Custom Breeding

Game Fowl Custom Breeding is an art of creating battle strains in accordance with a certain design until the ability to mass produce off-springs consistently similar to a chosen prototype especially in plumage, station, body conformation and fighting style is attained.